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New Office
Image Description: My new shared office, two grey desks, white bookcases and a lighting fixture made of metal curls

Hello Everybody!

I figured I would finally gather all my publications (you know, outside of my normal blog posts) in one place for easy access. Quite a few essays published will be under the name Kristin Wagner in a search. But you don’t have to do that, because here they are!

Maintenance at Signal Mountain Review 5/1/21

A collage essay about the invisible and valuable maintenance work we do to keep our worlds spinning

As a Chronically Ill Mom, Even Tater Tots Are a Way to Show My Kids Love at Rooted in Rights 5/11/2018

An article about being a mom, the idea that food is love, and how chronic illness means convenience food!

Spectator at Full Grown People 2/8/2018

An essay about what it means to be a spectator because of disability and the hidden joy there.

Enough at Disability March II 1/10/2018

My entry to the Disability March in solidarity with the Women’s March. A drop in the bucket of all the stories we share.

Traveling While Chronically Ill   at The Refresh 7/19/2017

A description of the immense planning it takes to enjoy a trip while chronically ill, with tips, and why it is worth the effort.

Bedtime at The Manifest-Station 6/7/2017

A tale of two bedtimes-one when the boys were toddlers and the limitations of illness became too much, one when the boys were much older and I could appreciate the love I already had in the midst of limitations.

Finding Shelter at The Rumpus 5/29/2017

A hurricane evacuation in Texas, and the realization that there is someone I need to be there for, and selfishly am not.

This essay is now in the Beyond Your Blog Hall of Fame for December 2016-May 2017, winning two categories, Personal Essay and Editor’s Choice!

Roald Dahl, Candies, and Tyrants at Literary Mama 8/22/16

A reader response to the question, “How does children’s literature influence your parenting?”

Night Light at Quail Bell Magazine 5/27/16

Summer bonfires and what we learn at the edge of darkness and light.

This essay is now in the Hall of Fame for Beyond Your Blog for May of 2016!

This link is my audio recording of Night Light

Watermelon Mush at 4/28/2016

Feeling inadequate as a new mom does not lead to delicious baby food.

Why I Want People to Share Stories About Treatment Options at The Mighty  3/31/16

Why unsolicited advice about chronic illness isn’t always a bad thing.

Boundaries as Thin as the Skin Stretched Over My Belly at Full Grown People  11/10/15

The push and pull of teaching while pregnant-whose children will I take care of?

Muffled at Mothers Always Write 10/26/15

Realizing that my young son may never have been able to hear well.

What Fibromyalgia Has Taught Me at 4/22/15

The title is pretty self-explanatory, I’d say.

Reader Response to Open Receptivitiy at Literary Mama  11/10/14

Response to an essay on writer’s retreats-why I just won’t let myself get away.

Image Description: My first writing desk-half of an old baker’s rack with framed pictures and a laptop on it