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Image Description: Myself! A woman with long brown hair and green eyes, hoop earrings, a black shirt, a necklace named “I’m Glad You Exist” by Elise Matthesen, and a small smile

Kristin Wagner has been published at Full Grown People, Rooted in Rights, The Manifest-Station, and The Rumpus among other online literary magazines. Her essay for The Rumpus, “Finding Shelter”, won in the Editor’s Choice and Essay categories of Beyond Your Blog’s Hall of Fame in June of 2017. She has a memoir-in-essays manuscript about parenting with chronic illness called All That I Can Do, and All That I Can’t that is out on queries and submissions, and is currently working on both a collection of essays and a historical YA. Her newest essay is in the Signal Mountain Review.

Kristin began writing about family and pop culture as soon as she could spell. Essays about her two children came a while after that, and pieces about chronic illness after that. She was a high school English teacher in a former life. Life right now consists of swabbing nostrils and tying masks, being a taxi for the sudden proliferation of after-school activities after a year’s hiatus, and watching Ted Lasso supercuts of Roy Kent swearing pretty regularly.

You can connect with Kristin through e-mail at kristindemarcowagner@gmail.com, on Facebook at Kristin DeMarco Writer, on Instagram @kristindemarcowagner or on Twitter @kcdemarcowagner.

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If I’ve written something that made you smile and you want to toss a few coins my way, this is how you can do it. Whether you do or not, I want to thank you for coming to my page and reading what I have to say. My busking heart appreciates an audience!


7 thoughts on “About and Contact Information

  1. Hilarious, I miss some of the dives too and there is often pouting 🙂 Glad to have found your blog! Looking forward to reading more.

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